We are a company with 65+ years expertise in textiles and textile machinery. Our skills merge Italian textile tradition with innovation and research on Metal Textiles.
We proudly develop and build 95% of our machines. Since 2000 we have specialized in knitted metal fabrics. Our product range includes: fabrics for architecture, interior design and fashion, and EMI shielding materials. Our products are entirely designed and manufactured in our factory in Florence, Italy - using proprietary technologies.
Our fabrics are made with the following materials: brass, stainless steel, Monel®, copper, colored copper, tin copper. Wire diameters range from 35 to 120 microns.
In some cases it is possible to have warp insertions of different materials in the fabric, like a small diameter tube, a knitted tubular fabric, an electric wire.


To exploit our knowledge of textile technology to create innovative metal fabrics.


To invent, through research and development, soft metal textiles able to replace traditional fabrics in private and public places, and in fashion.


We want to create the most innovative metal fabrics for design and fashion, using high-tech fibres.
We want to produce with a low impact on the environment.
We work side by side with our customers to create innovation.

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