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  Sample of Dream11 - copper

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Description : Copper is one of the oldest metals discovered by men. It has a rich, warm color that symbolizes artistic creativity. This malleable, ductile, metallic fabric made of pure copper can be used for curtains, panels, sofas, armchairs, chairs. Copper is coated, so it does not darken with age.
It can be laminated in glass.

Composition: 94% copper, 6% PU
Standard width: 150 cm (59")
Maximum width: 200 cm (79")
Weight: 340 g/sqm
Thickness: 1 mm (0.039")
Wire diameter: 3x0.11 mm (0.004")
Open surface: 65%
Crease resistance: low
Dimensional stability: medium
Colour fastness: high
Fire resistance: low

12 cm x 12 cm (4.7"x4.7") sample

Product Code : Dream11 - copper

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Sample of Dream11 - copper



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